We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 8 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need.

Classes are open to all levels of runners, from very beginner run/walkers up to advanced runners. We have a pace card with suggested paces for beginners, intermediate, and advanced runners so everyone can run at their own pace, on an effort scale. We offer running and strength combo classes, as well as all running classes. The workouts are synced with music, ..pick your poison! 

Cancellation Policy - We ask that you cancel for a class before 10 hours leading up to the class you have signed up for. If you cancel with less than 10 hours before class, you will lose your class credit and be charged $7. We only have 8 treads so we need to make sure everyone can get in and run! Thank you in advance.

Amenities  - We have one Unisex shower. We have sweat towels, shower towels, hair dryers, Premium Toiletries.

*Please wear different shoes to the studio than your running shoes and change into your running sneakers at the studio to keep our state of the art treadmills clean and healthy*


Run Mill

Trainers will work in a lot of sprints and hills to maximize your calorie burn and build speed. Expect shorter faster intervals, with recovery between. Measure your improvement by challenging yourself to higher speeds. This class is for all levels, from run/walkers all the way to advanced runners.

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Endurance Mill

This class is more about endurance rather than shorter, faster sprints. Come to one of these classes a week and you'll see faster speeds and longer distances on your typical runs! Intervals are longer and slower, with less recovery between, Expect hills, pushes, and a whole lotta sweat! This class is open to all levels, from run/walkers up to advanced runners.

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Four Paws

This class is a mix of Strength/Kickboxing delivering a total body workout using feet and hands, including strength exercises with an introduction to jump rope, speed bag, and heavy bag using 60 second intervals. All levels are welcome in this class. Class times Tuesday and Friday at 8am.

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HIIT Interval Strength and Cardio

This class is on and off the treadmill utilizing everything The Mill SV has to offer.  Taught by resident BADASS Brooke Hovey this is an advanced/intermediate class with plenty of modifications available.  Class limit of 12 people.  Class time Thursday at 8:15am. 

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Power Mill

This class burns calories on and off the treadmill. Be prepared for a combo of both running and strength exercises to kick your booty into shape. All levels are welcome in this class.

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Endurance Mill Plus Core

In this specialty class, log miles and gain speed with the first part of the class on the tread. Post run, build strength using kettle bells and body weight exercises focusing on core. All levels are welcome in this class.



Outdoor Run Class

Let's take your workout outside. could be just a run, Could be hills, could be sprints. Mixing up and getting some fresh air in a fun group workout.

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