One Year Anniversary Party!


Treadmills can produce hysterical laughter….not for boring people...   

Friday March 9: 2:00pm Relay Start Time


  • Maybe you’re looking for a fresh challenge to motivate yourself to get moving

  • Perhaps you and your work team are looking for some serious bonding time

  • You may want to give back to the animal shelter by doing something fun, positive and proactive.

Well, the Treadmill Marathon gives you all this and more.

This is an unusual and awesome 1st year anniversary/fundraising event that brings people together, releases their inner competitive monster, promotes a healthy lifestyle and raises cash for the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley.

(Of course it doesn’t hurt that you may also get your glutes in shape while you’re doing it.)


Okay, let’s make a list of who can take part in an Treadmill Marathon at The Mill SV:
• You
• Me
• Her
• Him
• Them
• Us

And if the word ‘running’ brings you out in a cold sweat, don’t worry. With up to teams of 6 people you can share the load. As long as you make it through 1.2 miles, you’re all good. (That’s about as far as to the local coffee shop and back, so no excuses okay?)


Getting involved in the The Mill SV Treadmill Marathon is as easy as 1,2,3 (oh and 4. Let’s not forget 4).

Step 1: Register a team of between 1 and 6 people
Step 2: Fundraise with friends and colleagues
Step 3: Sweat and smile through your part of the 26.2 marathon
Step 4: Enjoy the huge sense of achievement and the fact that you’ve helped raise funds for the Wood River Animal Shelter.


When you register you’ll also get:

  • A day pass for the host gym or health club so you can use all their facilities before or after the event
  • Heaps of drinks and refreshments to fuel you throughout the day
  • Party afterwards

To keep you motivated we’ve also got a few prizes up our sleeves. Maybe you’ll win the award for the Fastest Team, The Best Fundraising Team or even the most ridiculous costume.

After the event, you can celebrate your thigh-quaveringly fabulous achievement with your friends and colleagues. You can also feel good in that not only have you bonded as a team, but you’ve also raised much-needed funds Which is, believe us, an awesome feeling. 

Date MARCH 9, 2018
The Mill SV
360 9th Street unit #9
Ketchum, Idaho 83340

How much does it cost to enter?
$55.00 per person not team

What do I get?

  • Race Entry
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Photos
  • Freebies and prizes to be won
  • Bragging rights

How does it work?

  • We have a limited number of treadmills and we cannot reserve them.
  • The first person to register creates the team and secures the treadmill. The registration fees will be taken at the event.
  • On the day of the event, start time is based on your expected marathon time.
  • You can come to the gym just for your run or hang out all day!

What’s the key to success

  • Get your full team locked in and registered ASAP. Don’t delay.
  • Share the challenge with other teams in your company to raise the stakes.
  • Race hard and take home a trophy!


Rules? We’re not too fond of them either!
But the ones we have are there to ensure your safety, easy time tracking and a fair competition.
So we do – and will – ask you to follow them strictly.

The whole purpose of the event is to challenge ourselves and have fun! It’s great to be the fastest team but that only gives you a trophy to show off.

1. Minimum Distance

Each runner must complete a minimum total distance of 1.2 miles. You must stay on the treadmill for at least that distance before getting off

2. Maximum time on treadmill

The maximum total time a runner can be on the treadmill is 1 hour.
What does it really mean? You can jump on and off the treadmill as many times as you want as long as the total time doesn’t exceed 1 hour and you are running a minimum of 1.2 miles each time.

3. Changeover speed

Decrease speed  before each changeover
What does it really mean? To keep it fair and safe we ask everyone to slow down the treadmill to a minimum of 3mph before a changeover. The timekeeper is responsible to slow down the treadmill and will enforce this rule.
This is really important as you can seriously hurt yourself getting off a fast-moving treadmill.

The correct way to changeover is the simplest. When you are ready to change over, get the timekeeper to slow down the treadmill to 3mph keep running for another 5 seconds until the treadmill slows down to then changeover.

We know that especially in the last stages of the marathon, people often get excited and want to get the changeovers done as fast as they can.

You are safe, there are no accidents, the gym is happy.

4. Continuous motion

Apart from the duration of the switchover someone must be RUNNING at all times.
What does it really mean? There is no resting hanging on the bars, or waiting for the treadmill to slow down. You cannot sprint at full speed and then jump on the side and slow down

5. Timekeeping

Before changing over, you must notify one of the time keepers so that your time and distance can be recorded.

Staff and volunteer helping out on the day are there to ensure the event is fun and safe. Be nice – give’em a big smile and let them know when you are about to change over BEFORE you jump on the treadmill!

6. Marathon start time

Each team is assigned to a start time, SOMEWHERE AROUND 3PM, which is calculated based on the team target time + 5 minutes. The goal is for all teams to finish the marathon around 5pm, just before the prize presentation. So, if you are targeting 3hours to complete the marathon, you will start at 2:00PM.
A little extra pressure to train hard and commit to a time and distance!

7. Bonus time

If you are not a fast runner, do not despair!

Now, are you ready to register!? Click here

Thank you to our sponsors!

Tiffany Larson