Taking time off from the gym and working out is an important element of any well-rounded program. I've always referred to both sleep and rest as the unsung HEROES of wellness. The notion of #NODAYSOFF is one that I often see and hear. Our bodies and minds need a break. We need to rest, reset and recharge. Without rest, we risk burning out and injuring ourselves.

However, when one day turns into two or even three, motivation and commitment can begin to fade, presenting a slippery slope of inactivity.

Once I hit the 3-day mark of not working out or being off my healthy lifestyle and routine, I completely lose focus. I find it takes just 3 days and I have lost all motivation and can’t find my way back on track. Often times I end up angry or upset with myself because I know what it takes to make my body and mind feel better, but I just can’t stop this unhealthy downward spiral.

Here are a few tools to combat that lack of motivation after a little too much time has passed:

1. DO NOT STRESS OUT. Stress only makes things worse. Understand that you are human and that life will be a series of ups and downs. 

2. During your first day off, schedule a workout for the next day. Either purchase a class or ink in a workout in your calendar. Make this appointment as important as a business meeting and DO NOT MISS IT.

3. Schedule a workout with a friend. We are less likely to cancel or disappoint a friend!

Above all, it's OK! Don't let yourself spiral. If you’re feeling stuck just take a first step back, it doesn’t need to be your best workout. Sit down for a short meditation, take a walk outside-do something to get you back to your routine. Wellness is for life and it's important to remember that a few days off is only a small blip on your timeline.  

So with that being said, there are a couple of new options on

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The Mill SV

Also, one final note Miles Fink-Debray will be coming to The Mill to teach in late October and we couldn't be more excited!