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When you find yourself to be lucky to be surrounded by the most inspirational, badass, loving + supportive people.....

It reminds you that inspiration is a gift that ebbs and flows and will always return to you at the right moment, to be the badass that you already are, to love more with more love + to support the people around you harder than you have ever done before.

Thank you to everyone at The Mill who either is a client or an instructor you make my world a better place!

Sooooo with that being said some new classes are added to the class schedule starting next Monday.

This badass below

Miles Fink-Debray


Will be teaching three new circuit classes at The Mill SV.

On the Class Schedule NOW!

Monday's Jumpman at 3:00pm

A circuit class emphasizing on fast twich, plyometrics and metabolic burn.

Wednesday's Push It at 3:00pm

A circuit class emphasizing on weights, strength gains and pr's

Friday Let It Burn at 3:00pm

A circuit class emphasizing on time under tension, muscular endurance and lactic acid tolerance.

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The Mill SV

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