Featured Article in Bustle: The 4 Best Resistance Bands For Squats

Oh, the joy of doing squats. You do a few reps at the gym (no big, right?) and two days later you can’t stand up without assistance. We’ve all been there. But the results are worth it and you’ll get them even faster using the best resistance bands for squats.

One reason that resistance bands help you get better results from doing squats is that they force you to keep good form while you lunge down and restrict you from cheating on your movements. On top of that, they allow you to target a wider range of muscles than you can with your bodyweight alone.

According to Tiffany Larson, personal trainer and owner of The Mill in Sun Valley, Idaho, one of the most common errors people make when doing squats is allowing their knees to cave in. This mistake is typically caused by weak glutes or abs, she says.

“The mini band is a great tool to correct this flaw in technique,” Larson says. “The tension of the band increases bodily awareness, creating a mind-muscle connection in those areas. Performing banded squats for reps allows you to strengthen the proper squat form.”

Barb Puzanovova, an ACE-certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer in Nashville, Tennessee, agrees.

“Most of us tend to half-ass things,” she says. “By that, I mean we don't tend to activate our glutes in activities of daily living or during movements like squats, running, deadlifts, and more. This is where resistance bands come in.”

As opposed to loading all of the weight onto your quads, she explains, the bands force your hip's external rotators (aka your "side booty”) to use more of your glutes. They also open up your hips, allowing you to dip deeper into a squat position without rounding your back.

Best of all, after using resistance bands for awhile to do effective squats, you'll have awesome form even without them. At that point you can begin increasing the tension in the bands to feel a serious burn, or progress to more advanced resistance band exercises. You can use loop-style bands to guide your form and regular bands to add strength. Take a look at some of the best resistance bands for squats <-- click the link. 

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Tiffany Larson