I love a good Anne Brandenburg Sweet Potato Cookie, which is healthy, but Anne also makes a sweet moon pie cookie that is simply to die for! What about you? Have you tried one? Yummy~

The problem is that sweets are a slippery slope for me BUT I've found ways to keep them in my life and keep myself balanced. Have you?

Once I give myself permission, I find it hard to say no the next time and then suddenly I’m weeks deep into developing bad habits. (Just want you to know the struggle is real for me too. As most of you know, I am all about livin’ your life in moderation. Sweets are one thing that should most definitely be on your moderation list.

Here’s the big question: ARE ALL SWEETS CREATED EQUAL????

All sugar is relatively bad for you, so remember that. However, sugar is one of life’s sweet joys….so when you do indulge, try to keep it real. (as in, eating all natural and unprocessed sugar). Artificial Sweeteners are exactly what they say they are…fake and made in a factory. Cane sugar and corn sugar can come disguised with a million different names. If at all possible, look for goodies that are made from organic coconut sugar, unfiltered honey or maple syrup. But mostly, I’m just telling you to keep it in check.

Sugar is the thief of abs, guns and a great A$$...but it's nice to enjoy the sweet parts of life from time to time.