Like Brushing your Teeth

What if working out was as second nature to us as brushing our teeth? I bet we'd never miss a workout, right?

Our health should be an extension of who we are at our core and an expression of ourselves, not a separate, compartmentalized part of our life. 

When we separate wellness from the rest of our life, it becomes an option and one more thing we have to check off our "to do" list. We don't treat meals or hygiene this way because we have learned they are a necessary part of life. If we were taught from a young age that movement and mindfulness, along with proper sleep and nutrition, were just as important as brushing our teeth, we wouldn't miss a workout.

Here are a few reasons why working out is just like brushing your teeth:

1. You instantly FEEL BETTER when you brush your teeth. Exercise is the same- no matter how bad your day has been, a good workout will make you feel better. That sour taste in your mouth? Gone!

2. You used to fight it, now it’s second nature. Most kids (at least all the ones I know) resist brushing their teeth. So when does that change? At some point we grow up, accept that hygiene is a necessary part of life and stop questioning it. For some of us, exercise is the same way. The more we do it, the less we resist it. 

3. The options are almost limitless! Some people like Crest, some Colgate, some Toms, some Arm & Hammer. If you don’t like your toothpaste, you don’t stop brushing, right? No! You try another toothpaste! So if you’re bored with your current workout, try something new!

4. You don’t want to ruin it after you do it. When you brush your teeth, especially at night, you don’t want to eat anything afterwards. Your teeth are clean and it's time to go to bed. When we exercise the same thing happens- we develop better habits because we don't want to "waste" our workout.

If your health isn't second nature to you yet, consider the possibility of it one day being as natural as brushing your teeth. Sometimes we need a little help. COME TO A CLASS AT THE MILL. make your health your priority. 



Tiffany Larson